Bar Hangs and Calluses

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Calluses and hand pain can be common issues when performing bar hangs, especially if you are new to the exercise or if you are doing it frequently. There are several options for addressing these issues.

Gloves or Palm Protectors

I guess you could use these. These can provide a barrier between your skin and the bar, which can help to reduce friction and prevent blisters and other skin irritations. However, gloves and palm protectors can also make it more difficult to grip the bar properly, which can affect your ability to perform the exercise effectively. But seriously though you just need to toughen up those hands.

Build Up Those Calluses

Calluses are thickened areas of skin that form as a result of repeated friction or pressure during your bar hangs. They can help to protect your skin from further irritation, but they can also be painful if they become too thick or if they develop in the wrong areas. Building up calluses takes time and consistent practice.

Care for your Calluses

You can use a pumice stone or file (no, not the big metal file from the garage) to reduce their size and thickness. Get some good moisturizing for the skin then slather up then hands when you go to bed. Or rub the lotion on your hands then on your significant others feet. Your hands are taken care of and your partner is happy. Or be happy alone as well LOL!

What I Do

I do a combination of cheap work gloves from Home Depot or Lowes some days. Other days I bare hand it. This helps build up the calluses slowly during my bar hangs without causing damage. I still have to use my hands for work!

I do use any spare lotion to wife has around the house. I think I’ll need something better and I’m going to get some Bag Balm. I remember using this stuff years ago.

There is no one size fits all. Do what works for you


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