Increasing My Hang Time

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When I first started my passive/active hang work I was just eeking out 20 seconds once in the morning and once at night. This started Dec 2022

Beginning of this month I started pushing 30 seconds each time in the morning and evening. Sometimes I would do an extra hang in the evening.

When I do my hangs it is not a full session of either active or passive. What I do is set my timer and grab the bar. I start in a passive hang then I activate the lats/shoulders/etc and come up to active then back and forth between passive and active hang until the clock runs out.

Upping the Hang Time

This past Monday I have started shooting for 40 seconds each hang session. The mornings are harder and I haven’t consistently hit the 40 seconds. This is mainly because the hands themselves start to hurt. Need to build up the callouses more.

The evening hang sessions have been consistently 40 seconds and 3 days this week I did it twice in the evening. I’m also working on adding a hollow body hold during these hangs for some extra difficulty.

Progress is being made!

How long will it take to get to 1 minute hang?

I have no clue.

It’s difficult to say exactly how long it will take me to reach a one-minute hang, as it will depend on my progress and recovery. However, it’s likely that it will take several weeks or even months of consistent training before you are able to reach that goal. It’s important to keep in mind that progress will not be linear, and I may need to take a step back and work on shorter hangs if you find yourself struggling.

More than just Hanging Around

I’ve also brought back pushups into my afternoon and evening walks. Doing these again will help with the shoulder strength required to hang for 1 minute. I average 30 pushups a day in 3 different variations. Stand Pushup, Diamond Pushup and Wide Pushup.

I also have the new cable pulley setup for pull downs with 75lb weights on it to work on this.


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