Hang Time Update

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Beginning of Active and Passive Hangs

I started doing active and passive daily hangs roughly December 1st 2022. I started with once a day and tried to hit 30 seconds. The first couple of weeks I was maybe getting to 20 seconds. Around December 11th I was getting better at a consistent 30 seconds of hang time. Also around that date I aimed for a morning and evening hang.

I’m still not doing a consistent twice a day but the 30 second mark is getting easier to complete. I notice also that if I wear gloves it’s harder or depending on which gloves I wear. Sometimes I don’t wear glove and that makes the active and passive hang easier. I don’t like wearing the gloves because of how my hands get torn up. I think wearing gloves off and on is helping me not tear up my hands but also building callouses on my heads with out tearing skin.

Next Goals for Hang Time

Starting in January I will aim for a consistent twice a day hang and go for 40 seconds each time

Beginning of Inversion Table Hang Time

I bought the Teeter Hangup on December 11th 2022. I started with inconsistent once a day approx 30 seconds to one minute.

Current Inversion Table Hang Time

I’m almost consistently doing a 2 minute hang in the morning and a 2 minute hang at night. I missed a couple days over xmas and I noted the sciatica numbness come back a little. But as soon as I got back home and hung upside down the issues started to subside again.

Next Goals for Inverted Hang

I’m not looking to increase the hang time but I will when time allows. I want to consistently do this twice a day in morning and evening. I may start pushing 3 minutes per session as time allows


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