Using Inversion Tables will NOT Make You Taller

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Of course now that I’ve gone down that road of using an inversion table and writing about my journey I get suggested videos on You Tube. I see videos with clickbait-y headlines of “grow taller with inversion therapy” and other crappy variations of this crap.

What a Bunch of Bull SHIT

To research this claim I perused the google and I found some bull shit site that was number 3 for the search phrase “will inversion table therapy make me taller”. It made a wildly inaccurate claim that you can gain 2-3 freakin inches!! If this drivel were true then every shorter than average and average person would probably do this.

Search result #1 had no real value

Search result #2 had some value

Is there maybe some truth to this?

There are reports that astronauts have come back inches taller after their time in space. This is caused by spinal unloading. But the gain in how tall they were quickly reverted once gravity was doing it’s job.

Final Thought

You will not grow taller with an inversion table NO MATTER how long you hang by your ankles. You may look taller because of decompression of your spine and better posture. But people are still gonna yell “God Damn, I Didn’t Know they Stacked Shit that High” when you tell them how tall you are!


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